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The Crasher Crew


Paul AKA "The Party Krasher"

Coming from 17 years in the Dollar and Party industry, Paul was the “Vision guy” for Party Crashers. Paul came up with the visual concept and design for PC as well as the direction the store needed to go in with buying trends of today. He is a firm believer that if you offer continually changing products that are trendy and what people are looking for at the right price point then success will come naturally. After years in the competitive dollar store market of Victoria changes needed to be made, something truly unique needed to be supplied. Party Crashers tries to always stay steps ahead of trends and is always on the lookout for the next big thing and the newest fads and crazes. Paul feels that Party Crashers is the optimum store for Greater Victoria and the Island because it suits the island style of life perfectly. “The Ptk” loves that he gets to share his daily job with his father, daughter and amazing staff. Away from the shop “Par Tee” can be found at the gym, in the roller/ice hockey arena or on the softball diamond. Paul is driven to succeed by his amazing wife Ashley, an entrepreneur herself as she owns and operates the highly successful Mint Hair Design salon in Duncan. Remember everyone, “Life is a Party……….CRASH IT!!!”


Dave AKA "Papa Dukes"

Dave is the token “warhorse” every successful business needs. The driving influence to succeed and the daily reminder that every big success story started from a simple thought. Dave comes from a long career with the Government working primarily in Agriculture and Horticulture. His first love is football…… ”English football” that is, or as we call it soccer. He follows his hometown team Barnsley religiously and out of boredom he monitors lower quality teams such as Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea just for fun. Dave's passion at Party Crashers is customer service and he loves to work mano-a-mano on projects with customers. Dave is very vocal in the “Shop Local” message and is a firm believer that when small local business work together everyone grows together. Away from the store Dave is a serial killer…… whoops wrong profile, meant to say he enjoys watching a variety of films spanning the last 80 years as well as supporting local coffee shops for a spot of tea and a flick through the newspaper. When Dave unwinds he heads off the grid to Thailand to enjoy sunny sky’s, soccer and a place where he’s considered a giant lol.


Lester AKA "Angry Old Man"

Les is the original Party Crashers supporter. Been angry and bitter at the world since he turned 70 and that was 15 years ago. If you are ever feeling down in the dumps drop by Party Crashers and speak to Les… you will feel better about your life immediately. In all honesty if you ever see this great guy around West Shore say hi, he’s awesome. He had to be included! He’s currently scouting Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia for a possible Party Crashers location for our next Party & Dollar Superstore!!! One reason for Les' possible depression is that Manchester United is currently struggling and rather than call upon him for advice they chose Mr. Bean!


Brea AKA ""Breazy""

The stores merchandising "GURU" at Millstream. Brea is a bundle of energy........how much you ask?  Give the Energizer Bunny a 6 pack or redbull and let it go!!! hahahahaha 


Larissa AKA ""The Goddess of Balloons""

If you need balloon bouquets that blow minds? If you want amazing curls and perfect stagger? Larissa is the best of the best here at Party Crashers. We have had the honor of having Larissa on the team for 3 years now........hopefully for a long time to go!!!